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    • A New Rule for Special Ed
    • At least, my class has a new rule . . . and I'm feeling a little guilty about it. Read all about it now at: wbtisforeveryone.tumblr.com -Anthony
    • Etaylor's Avatar
    • The Capitalization Rule saying
    • Somewhere I read a fun and catchy saying for the "capitalization" rule. Unfortunately, now I can't find it but would like to teach it to my kids. It...
    • ADLutz's Avatar
    • WBT and first lessons
    • Kathie, Here's to 100%! To your question: after the 1st day core 4 (class/yes, mirror, teach/okay, scoreboard) you are nearly ready for the 5 step...
    • LizfromElizabeth's Avatar
    • First year using Whole Brain Teaching
    • I started last year and the best thing about it is that you can go at your own speed. Get the basics down and add on from there. It is a little...
    • inspiration's Avatar
    • Aussie shout out.
    • Hi Nadine Yes I do have videos and am in the process of getting approvals to use them on my blog. I have taken photos in readiness for that Back to...
    • leahb09's Avatar
    • biffytoons
    • Is there any way I could get the extra Biffytoons as well? I am teaching Kindergarten this year, and I would really love to use Biffytoons to teach sight words!
    • ADLutz's Avatar
    • Chronic sleepers
    • Try The Bullseye Game (see levels drop down above). You could give these students a couple less problems on their homework if they do well playing....
    • SouthernTeacher's Avatar
    • Help Me Find an Intro Video?
    • Try looking through the videos on the WBT Youtube Channels. Here are the links: Coach B's Channel: www.youtube.com/user/ChrisBiffle Webcasts:...
    • jeffandjenlowry's Avatar
    • Seating Arrangements
    • Thanks for the idea! I will be starting the year off with 33 4th graders and was wondering how to make 3 person groups work.
    • jwnaggie's Avatar
    • 8th grade science
    • I am looking for gesture ideas for atomic structure and the periodic table. Thanks.
    • poro654's Avatar
    • Eloo
    • Hello for everybody community, my name is Marquis I want to say You how are You for each one :-P
    • rlzasloff's Avatar
    • WBT in college
    • I've just now discovered this and think it's very exciting. I teach community college. Is anybody out there using WBT in college? B)
    • SouthernTeacher's Avatar
    • Science Gestures and Power Pix
    • Lately many questions about science gestures at various levels have appeared on the forum. There is a great resource that may help many of you with...
    • rmeyer's Avatar
    • WBT in the Middle School
    • I know that this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you had any luck with the landform gestures? I am a first year teacher and just recently...
    • jcreynolds98's Avatar
    • New to WBT- high school science
    • Hello! After searching, I came across WBT! I'm very excited to try this in my classroom. I teach 9th grade physical science and 11/12th grade...
    • SouthernTeacher's Avatar
    • Starting out right I hope
    • I can say with 3rd graders, that rule does take some practice. Are you using the scoreboard? If it's groups of students, you can use points to help...
    • SouthernTeacher's Avatar
    • Just found out about WBT
    • Try looking through the Power Pix on the WBT Science Project. Here's a link: sites.google.com/site/wbtscienceproject/
    • MichelleShelton's Avatar
    • Good for 5th Grade
    • Maggie, I'm glad you are going to give it a try! I don't use the scoreboard to dock recess time because we rotate classes and I don't see all the kids...
    • bielizna24pl's Avatar
    • Cheer
    • Cheer for every users, my nick is Rickie I would like to write You chill to all of You :-p

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