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Latest Forum Discussions

    • Farangnl's Avatar
    • Anyone eles in Thailand???
    • Hi there, Sue and Raekel, I haven't been on here for a while because I'm not teaching full time anymore. I mainly do substituting at the moment while...
    • Kydam's Avatar
    • Hello all you Canadian Teachers!!
    • I am sill using wtb in my kindergaten class, as it is possible to do so in french. I use the class yes, the scoreboard, the mirror, hands and eyes, a...
    • Cathy4's Avatar
    • Questions of the day
    • Okay, loving whole brain teaching. Doing class-yes, teach-okay, mirror-words, score board etc.... My questions of the day are: When you do the...
    • ADLutz's Avatar
    • Brainy Locks!!!
    • Thanks! I just realized an added bonus about these things. You can hold on to the keys that you've already used to unlock Brainies and use them for...
    • JeffBattle's Avatar
    • question about goals
    • Also remember you treating this like a video game. Each level can build on a previous level, if needed, and then get harder. As an example, my...
    • JeffBattle's Avatar
    • Tracking a first year as WBT
    • SuzyBz, It really depends on you kids. Some groups can be interrupted, rewarded and return to work. Others will lose the thread of their work and get...
    • sfergva's Avatar
    • Spanish classroom and WBT
    • Me too. I French teach in a small private school and have had some of the same kids for years. They were not resistant because I didn't give them a...
    • sfergva's Avatar
    • started August 20
    • :laugh: Hi I am trying out WBT this year. I love the fact that I don't focus on catching students being bad. It has changed my whole perspective in...
    • Cloneal's Avatar
    • Fundamental 5 vs. WBT
    • Our school district has drank the F5 koolaid :huh: And I DO NOT see the attraction!! It is so surface level, not universal for ALL levels, the...
    • Cathy4's Avatar
    • Missing Something?
    • Thank-you Anthony! I have learned over my years of teaching that humour DOES go along way! I have been implementing parts of WBT for a couple of...
    • suzyBZ's Avatar
    • Academic Vocabulary and Literature MS Pix
    • I see you did this a while ago, but I would like copies too. Thanks susan This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
    • SouthernTeacher's Avatar
    • Practice Cards
    • There's an ebook on practice cards. Here's a link to the page where that ebook is.

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