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Whole Brain Teachers of America is one of the fastest growing  education reform movements in the United States.

kidwithBlocksWhole Brain Teachers of America is a grass roots, education reform movement begun in 1999 by three Yucaipa, California teachers: Chris Biffle (college), Jay Vanderfin (elementary school) and Chris Rekstad (elementary school).  Since then we have been joined by a dedicated group of K-12 educators who form our Board of Directors.

In the last 10 years we have given seminars to over 6,000 educators representing over 300,000 students. Though we are centered in Southern California, we've been contacted by teachers from across the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa. Typically, our free seminars, offered three times a year at Crafton Hills College, attract over 400 instructors.  Our websites receive over 2,000 hits per day.  Whole Brain Teaching is one of the fastest growing, education reform movements in America.

Whole Brain Teaching rests upon the principle that teachers at every level share the same difficulties: students lack discipline, background knowledge and fundamental problem solving skills. From kindergarten to college, teachers face students who have difficulty with reading and writing. Nonetheless, our students respond to challenges, enjoy well-designed learning games, and can make, in the proper setting, astonishing educational progress.

Our goal is to create peaceful classrooms full of orderly fun. Thousands of teachers believe we're on the right track.

teacherwithOlderStudentsAt the root of Whole Brain Teaching is a large amount of highly structured, educational tomfoolery. Students learn the most when they are having fun. Whole Brain Teaching classrooms are full of task-focused laughter. Humor and games are used to increase the number of times students repeat core information and practice basic skills. Our classes are highly disciplined and tightly organized because students have more fun following our rules, than ignoring them.

All of our seminars and downloads are free. Whole Brain Teaching is a movement, not a business.

To see Whole Brain Teaching in action, click on the button to the right, Whole Brain Teaching Videos;  access our free downloads by logging in or registering.  If you provide us your email address when registering, we'll send you ongoing announcements about our free seminars and online materials.  We absolutely respect your right to privacy; we will never sell or give your email address to anyone.

To find out more about Whole Brain Teachers of America or to schedule a seminar at your school, send an e-mail to Chris Biffle.

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