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Latest Forum Discussions

    • suzyBZ's Avatar
    • Middle School Newbie
    • Hi, I have one week under my belt. I teach 7th English, 8th careers. WBT is very exciting and after the first week, I know that I have a lot to...
    • Terri26's Avatar
    • biffytoons
    • Hi! If there are the new words I would love a copy of them! I have been making up my own picture and action to go with the words I need but if there...
    • showe13's Avatar
    • Spanish classroom and WBT
    • I just completed my first week using WBT in my High School Spanish classes, all levels. I took a lot of advice from all the forum writers and replies....
    • Klevy11's Avatar
    • First Timer, aka WBT Newbie
    • I am looking forward to starting my first day on September 3rd. I have a mixed fourth and fifth grade class of students with special needs---some of...
    • Lucia-in-China's Avatar
    • I'm back!!! :-)
    • Hello everybody - I can't tell you how happy I am to be back to WBT! I worked in China for the past 2 years and at some point during my second year,...
    • zemaitisk's Avatar
    • Middle School scoreboard rewards
    • Hi everyone! I'm new to WBT and am introducing it to my 7th grade Geography class for the first time next week. I was wondering if anyone had a list...
    • madeline24's Avatar
    • Howdy
    • Welcome, suzyBZ! What are you trying to post? Here is the link to the WBT Book club: wbtbookclub.blogspot.com/ And here is the link to the...
    • KathieR's Avatar
    • Fossil fuels etc. gestures
    • Hi All, I need some help coming up with gestures for some of the topics I'm covering in Earth's resources. I came up with some for renewable and...
    • lauren.miller@butteville.k12.ca.us's Avatar
    • Scoreboard in Second Grade
    • Amazing. Spectacular! And so simple! I wish I had started using the scoreboard twenty years ago! I just want to say that I dropped the team points and...
    • JeffBattle's Avatar
    • 8th grade science
    • Atom: Hold out your left fist, and make a constant circle around the outside with your right index finger (your electron, don't you know). Proton:...
    • JeffBattle's Avatar
    • Scoreboard-do you reset each day?
    • Typically I reset the Scoreboard each day. I do track how often they win or lose during a week, and sometime a little later in the year I may begin to...
    • Cloneal's Avatar
    • Motivating the unmotivated.
    • Jackie - How do you keep from letting it get to you? It is day 4 should I start the SIW? I was trying to wait. Chelsea
    • Cloneal's Avatar
    • WBT and Daily 5
    • I am the only one on my team that does it. I am in second and this is my third year to do it. I just read (and am referring as we speak the 2nd...
    • OnDragonflyWings's Avatar
    • Aussie Newbie here
    • Greetings from Brisbane, Australia . I am beginning to teach my Year 4 class in the WBT way and am amazed at the response I have had from my students...
    • vjean's Avatar
    • WBT was a success
    • Today was our first day of school where i teach. I tried the WBT first hour, etc, and it worked fantasticly. I teach in a french school, so I had to...
    • lovingnlearning's Avatar
    • WBT Site Addict
    • I just taught my first WBT lesson to one of my tutoring students and it worked amazingly well. I did a writing lesson on complete sentences and...

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